Internet Continues to Change People’s Lives

The internet has become a part of our daily lives. We can hardly breathe without accessing the internet. It is our map, or calendar, our budget planner, our file storage, and our friend most importantly. It has made life a lot easier, making people join the whole world into one community.

It is a great source of research and it serves very effective in that purpose. Unlike the old days when people had to go to the library or purchase large volumes of books for research, in this 21st century, all we have to do is get a computer and an internet connection and we are half way done with our data gathering. It is fast and efficient, and one can study any topic, store the information in the computer, and revisit it later. Students have an easier work as one can access the internet. Here are the activities mostly done with networking technology these days:

  • E-learning

Internet has made learning a lot easier, especially for long distance learners and for people with tight schedules who cannot make it to classes. Though e-learning, students can just get mails and assignments through websites or other networks. Teachers do not need… Continue reading