Weekly Journal Essay

Oftentimes students are asked to write Weekly Journal essays by lecturers. Many students find such assignments to be uninteresting especially in cases where they do not understand the need for a Weekly Journal. What do I need it? How do I benefit from it? Such questions linger in the minds of most students.
Even though writing Weekly Journal y essays can appear difficult, it is an easy task if you keep track of your daily activities and plan for tomorrow. This ensures that one can account for every minute spent in class, at home or tap work. Importantly, the nature of the event to be performed is usually prioritized for planning reasons. It is considered to be the best approach in meeting tough deadlines and striking a balance amongst different options.
In modern days, mastering your daily activities cannot be easy without the use of a Weekly Journal. Imagine going to class, working, and attending to the family. This can be a great test for one to accomplish with limited time in a day. Without prioritization, which is widely emphasized by Weekly Journal, important events and activities might be overlooked when they don’t plan properly. Imagine missing an exam because you were visiting your son or daughter at home. What about working up late because you spend a lot of time at work?
According to Weekly Journal, you need to have a weekly to do list, which shows the activity and how important it is. This also ensures that nothing is left unattended to as a result of forgetfulness. Additionally, a list of things to be done eliminates unnecessary surprises, which are common when one is too busy to prioritize activities. This is achieved through adherence to set timelines so that nothing is left hanging or accorded excess time.
Long term goals come later after short ones have been met. This is what priority entails. Weekly Journals focuses on the nature of activity and the time it is likely to consume. Importantly, it is recommended to have weekly goals that are realistic and feasible. To ensure that this is followed, weekly evaluation is paramount. A rough draft of what you intend to do should be well outlined earl y enough before the start of another one.
According to Weekly Journal, it is necessary to create time and attend to activities which were left out by the end of the week. Nonetheless this ought not to affect your ability to attend to future activities and events.
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